Begin using your CPAP and mask for short periods during the day while watching TV etc. this allows your body and mind to adjust.

Use the ramp setting on your CPAP unit so the air pressure slowly increases to the proper level to allow you time to fall sleep use as often as needed.

Use Cpap up every night and for every nap using it less makes it harder for your body to adjust.

If the sound of your CPAP unit is bothersome place it on the floor or under your bed or put small pillow,to dampen the sound make small adjustments to your mask had to give straps and giving and did you find the right fit.

Saline nasal spray eases mild nasal congestion and keeps it moist.

Use a heated humidifier for your CPAP unit to enhance your breathing comfort and limit dryness and congestion.

Clean and inspect your mask and tubing and had to get at least once a week wash everything currently using mild soap and hot water watch for any  tears and leaks.

Regularly check and if he does for your CPAP unit a clean for you to take these this is just

Replace your CPAP supplies every 3 to 6 months check with your DME providers.

For skin irritation and  pressure sores, try adjusting mask and headgear, try to use different spots contact homecare provider to try a different size or style watch for infection of any allergens are eczema.

Try reading a book or watching TV for a short period of time was very mask use your mph it as often as needed

For dry stuffy nose adjust your humidity settings to Max and use saline drops as needed

For dry mouth  check for masked leakage try using chinstrap try getting the full face mask on – no moving the mask make sure your mask is fitted properly use heated humidification maximum as tolerated give yourself time to add just annoyed by them noise of machine meet showed the device box connected properly and there is no leakage please machine on the floor if needed watering the mask and tubing is condensation all rained out use giving wraps keep it under the cover.Place lower than tube machine

For bloated feeling is caused by swallowing too much air, Try repositioning your body.

Check for mask leakage and use Full Face mask if needed.

Please clean your machine, use distill water, change filters.

Any weight changes can affect pressure re consult Sleep physician.

Please control allergies, Acid reflux. Stop smoking and watch alcohol use.

Always consult your sleep physician or staff.

For Oral Devices.

(Courtsey Apnea rx)

For home study Instructions.